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Hi Sarah, How are you?? 

I just wanted to thank you for your collaboration again with  this VIP Group . It has been really a success. They enjoyed very much everything , program , restaurants very well selected , excellent guide and the hotel has been a must . So many many many thanks!!

We will be in touch for sure x

We had a wonderful trip – thanks again for all your team’s efforts to pull it all together.   Sarah was on top of everything, and in our time zone – that was very helpful.   She rescheduled our snowed out Eiffel Tower visit, and kept us informed on the cruise and Versailles trip.  

Thanks for the champagne & treats – both were appreciated!

They loved the bus (airport and Versailles)…  that all went smoothly, and was far more comfortable than all of us packing into the SUV to get to O’Hare.

We visited Notre Dame and Versailles with our guide M.  We found her to be very knowledgeable and professional, as well as personable.    She was timely & had an organized plan both days – it was a nice break for the person usually doing that job…   Most impressive feat – We had to take a longer route to Notre Dame than she anticipated due to construction, and when the timing was close, without warning, she announced that we only had 1 min 40 secs, then broke into a run to make sure we were checked in on time.    Given that she was likely the most mature among us, we were all pretty impressed :), but only the 2 other old people ran after her.

Thanks again for all your efforts on our behalf. SS

Dear Sarah

Marjorie and I want to thank you for all you did to make our visit to Bordeaux the best combination of fun and informative.

Our Driver was more than a guide. He was a companion who took us on a journey which we thoroughly enjoyed, and in the process taught us a lot about the area and its different regions and characteristics, about winemaking, and about the city of Bordeaux.

We already are thinking about a return to visit the Dordogne or again to Bordeaux, both as an opportunity to add to our knowledge and to see D. again.

Thank you again for everything.


Merci beaucoup  and thank you for always being there 24/7 for all of us. You are so wonderful to work with and we hope to meet you in person.

We felt we met you by working so closely with you – every day.  It would be our pleasure if you have any plans to be in Chicago or New York to meet you in person. We also hope to return to Bordeaux as we loved the city, the Chateaux, the wine, the guides, the drivers, the Sources des Caudalie — we can go on and on—and Raphael, we too, were sad to say goodbye to him as he is a very special person. 

It is very difficult to leave such a beautiful place. We take with us memories of a very special trip – that began with very special planning. Many thanks to you and Philip from our family. It was a pleasure to get to know you by email- and thank you for helping take care of every detail-big or small and for being there to make sure every day was perfect. 

With appreciation, we say au revoir and a bientôt. 

Hi Sarah

Thank you again for everything! We had a fantastic time in Bordeaux. See feedback below:

Hotel: We loved this hotel! We could have honestly just stayed at the hotel for the two days and we would have had a great time! 

Bike: I really liked the tour and the tour guide was very attentive!! He actually took some pictures of us that it would be great to see! 

Wine tours: We LOVED the first tour! We have both gone on wine tours before, but this was the first time that we got a tour that took us around the vineyards. We loved walking through the vineyards and trying out all the grapes while learning about the process. The second vineyard was also interesting because they are certified biodynamic so they had a slightly different approach to the process. 

Restaurant: We really liked the restaurant we went to for lunch – the food was great and the space was super cute! 

Our driver (who by the way was great!) also took us to a really nice wine shop  on our way back to the hotel. This was great because it allowed us to try a few more wines from the region. 

Thank you again for everything Sarah – you did a magnificent job and it was a great pleasure to work with you.  I very much look forward to be celebrating this successful trip when we get to meet in person!

Sarah, I will answer you in anglais so nothing is lost in translation:) While we think of ourselves as easy going I know that we have had many needs and special accommodations on this trip, actually on these many trips within a trip that you helped us plan. Everything was special and exceptional, and I know that we never planned a trip, with or without a travel professional, that was perfect. My wife and I waited more than 30 years to come to Bordeaux and it was really worth the wait. 

You are truly amazing and your follow through and always 100% of the time “yes” attitude makes you a pleasure to work with. I feel like we’ve met and I hope that we will soon either en France or peut-etre en etats-unis. You respond almost as fast as me which is quite a statement. 

Merci merci merci, until next time!

Hi Sarah,

I truly cannot thank you enough for everything you did to make this such a wonderful trip for me and my family. 

It was perfect in every way, thanks to you. From the chateaus to helicopter tour to the boat, we got a real taste of what Bordeaux has to offer. We loved the city and I can say with certainty we’ll be back! I know we could be difficult at times and we truly appreciated all of your diligence and responsiveness at all hours to our every need. You are really stellar at what you do and make everything so much easier for me!

I will definitely be in touch in the future and I’m so glad we got the chance to work together! Best – Jamie

Tour was GREAT ! I am exhausted from no sleep … we are going to turn in early in order to make our bike tour in the morning. Thanks so much again

Dear Sarah,
Thank you very much for all of your patience and work these past two weeks. It made our experience so much nicer and easier. Have a great summer and I hope to see you again.