Luxury travel can be isolating because of the natural distance between the way you see a place and the lives of the people there. Damoisel has selected the expertise of residents to show you around. Unfiltered access, connections, insight—these are our value-added.


Excellence is a rule we follow in every service process to offer the highest quality service possible. Luxury is in the details. Every element of the luxury travel experience must work seamlessly, from the planning process to returning home.


Damoisel helps you with anything that you don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to do yourself – leave it to the experts and focus on enjoying your life. We do this by having a personal understanding of your individual preferences, needs and expectations. We believe that our clients measure the quality of an experience in connecting with what they love and creating new memories. There are no limits to the type of personalized experiences we can create. Just having the tools isn’t enough. We go deeper and emerge with an experience that fits each customer, at the exact moment they want it.


We believe that authentic local experience is what creates everlasting memories. DAMOISEL opens doors for our customers to experience the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood. We build your experience in creating emblematic moments of local life. DAMOISEL only works with local people. Local with a take on a place, a story to tell, a passion or particular expertise—all linked to where you are. Think about the boxes or hard drives full of all the travel pictures you’ve ever taken. How often do you look at that snapshot of the Eiffel Tower? We can get the postcard images anywhere; it’s the human sentiment of the handwriting on the other side we miss. The pictures we remember about most are the people you met along the way.

DAMOISEL, Expérience à la française