DAMOISEL was started in April 2015 by Sarah Latrous, founder and owner of the firm. Sarah is a native “Parisienne” and so was born and raised in France. Sarah has dedicated over 10 years to the tourism industry and especially in luxury hospitality sector where she had the chance to integrate the most renowned Parisian Palaces such as the Ritz, Meurice and Four Seasons George V. Sarah has always been fascinated by the French “art de vivre” and she always wanted to grow her career where the French values and “Savoir-faire” were part of the company’s philosophy. Since her younger age, she has been travelling all around France with her family and she quickly falls in love with the richness of this country. It seems as if there’s a new discovery around every corner, something more beautiful and interesting than the last… Paris is her personal favourite city and it’s a town she will never get tired of visiting.
“I could not imagine myself living in another country than France, while I love travelling and discovering new culture and lifestyle.” 5 years ago she has decided to cross the English channel and settle in London. During 4 years she has been experiencing this amazing city and this is what led her to launch her business in Paris. When she was in London she was always in need of guidance and looking for the goodwill of local experts – She was also working in a Londonian luxury DMC and loved the job of being an expert of a destination where you live – so now that she is at home she likes to become one!
She has also realised that we used to travel to see the sights – But for most of the travellers now, just looking is not enough. We need to connect with others.
We seek the real – the authentic – the local.
This is how DAMOISEL has been imagined.